Paint the Town with Paintball in Mumbai


Paint-balling is an amazing activity and those who have tried t out first hand take it up as a hobby that greatly relieves our mind and body. After all, we have to deal with so much frustration in our daily lives, and hasn’t it been heard enough that one could probably kill when the going gets too tough? Well, now you can, and you won’t be thrown behind bars for it. Shoot all you want at your opponent and they will shoot back at you and you would end up having the best time of your life forever.

Paintball games in Mumbai are fast becoming popular and they are a hit among almost every group activity which takes place in a large conglomeration. All the suits and equipment, like Paintball Pellets and the shooting guns are provided by the resort and the packages themselves are very affordably priced for the entire family.

On the other hand, those who like riding will find ATV’s the most interesting. These four- wheeler bikes can reach great speeds and you can literally battle rough terrain and difficult conditions as you ride yourself through them, finally reaching the destination. ATV racing is not for the faint hearted and one definitely needs to be trained to get on one. Juice Adventures has expert trainers who can guide new riders into riding an ATV and those who go for a ride soon come back for more. The number of ATV’s in Mumbai is gradually increasing and it won’t be long before biking is pushed to second place.

Juice Adventures, as a premium organizer of outdoor adventures in Mumbai has both Paintball and ATV events held at regular intervals. Usually, the corporate houses hire these services to boost the confidence of their employees, but there are many individual clients as well who are just thrilled that they have access to premium adventure sports facility in the heart of Mumbai.

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