Top 5 Adventure Sports Near Mumbai

Top 5 Adventure Sports Near Mumbai


Are you tired of sitting at home? Are you bored of hanging out at the same dine-out places with your loved ones? Do you want to try something different this weekend? Are you looking out for a park which offers adventure sports near Mumbai? Then here’s a place for you. Nestled in the outskirts of Gorai, overlooking the beach lies the gem of amusement parks near Mumbai called Juice Adventures. Juice Adventures is an adventure park equipped with 30 plus adventure sports.

It is one of a kind Mumbai’s adventure park, which has designed adventure sports for every age group. It’s an ideal getaway for everyone, who is keen on exploring adventure sports near Mumbai with their families. Your day at Juice will ideally start with the ice-breaking round, where the guide introduces you to a host of adventure sports activities. This guide or emcee will be constantly present, in helping you pick the right kind of sports activity for you and your family. Here are the top five adventure sports that will redefine recreation and adventure for you:

  1. Mighty Pentagon

Levitate in the air like a superhero, while completing the Mighty Pentagon. Gradually gaining the recognition of ‘Aerial Capital of Mumbai,’ this is adventure sport is the Big Daddy of Arial Adventures involving high and low rope course. This course includes 5 low rope elements and 5 high rope elements. The low rope elements consist of -V crossing, Railway Junction, 3 Magician, Burma Loops, and Swinging tires. The high rope elements consists of Bamboozled, Zig Zac logs, Swinging Planks, The Godfather, and Swinging Loops Connector. All the adrenal junkies out there, it is time to feel the rush and conquer new heights with this activity.

  1. Bombay Paintball

Now experience the thrill of shooting people with colors. Juice Adventures now brings you America’s favorite sport.  This is a fast-growing recreational outdoor entertainment activity for corporate teams, friends, and families. There is no age limit for this activity. So get, set, and shoot the colors to your opponents.

  1. Sumo Wrestling

Imagine wearing a giant suit and you laugh colliding with your opponent, who is your friend or family member. Sumo wrestling is the fun and joy that accompanies when you clash and pin down your counterpart. This activity is high on energy adventure sport that offers you opportunities to laugh, have fun, click pictures and create a gazillion of memories. This activity cannot be carried out without participants adorning the sumo suit to battle out while displaying skill, strategy, and strength.

  1. Tree Top Adventure

Boost your confidence while you climb the tree top with a leap of faith at Juice Adventures. Come and stride through the 16 elevated multi-actioned obstacles in the shades of palm trees.

  1. Gladiator Jousting

Gear up for the great battle while you secure your pedestal. In Gladiator Jousting, two opponents stand on the pedestal and try to knock out your contemporary with the jousting stick, while keeping your place on the pedestal safe. This game requires a lot of skill and patience to multitask, while you knock out your opponent.

So what are you waiting for? Get out of your comfort zone and spend your family time, experiencing thrill in Juice Adventures- Mumbai’s adventure park

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